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Underworld/High Contrast – “Isles Of Wonder”

Underworld/High Contrast – “Isles Of Wonder”

I think it’s safe to say that I won’t get to work on anything bigger than the 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony! It was a monumental undertaking and a huge number of people were involved in the music. However, it started back in October 2011 for me, recording John Randall’s drums at High Barn with Rick Smith for the initial versions of ‘And I Will Kiss’ (the massive industrial revolution section). I worked for a while on that section until it was turned over to the staff at Abbey Road to add orchestra, choirs and a plastic bin ensemble! Meanwhile, as the ceremony drew near, I mixed most of the music for the athlete’s parade (more than 2 hours worth) which kept me busy night and day right up to the final rehearsal. Various pieces from the parade keep popping up on TV as incidental music and it always gives me a little buzz, bringing back fond memories.

Audio clip of “Reach” from the athlete’s parade:

Audio MP3


The climax of ‘And I Will Kiss’ – the newly forged Olympic Ring rises into the sky!