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Equipment list

SSL AWS900+SE console

Protools HD2 Rig With SSL Alpha/Delta Link interfaces (& lots of plug-ins)

Antelope OCX master clock

LogicPro Rig with MOTU 828 interface

SSL X-Rack w/8 x dynamics modules, Culture Vulture Mastering limited edition, Bricasti M7, Focusrite ISA430 mk2 recording channel, Mutronics Impressor, various other outboard by TC, Yamaha, Roland, SPL etc.

Focal, Yamaha, NHT and Auratone monitors

Various microphones (Neumann, AKG, Shure, Sennheiser, Sontronics & Audio Technica), samplers, keys, guitars, amps, thingummyjigs and whatnots.