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This project marked a real departure for me as it didn’t involve any mixing or production, just playing. Straight after our work on the Olympics was finished Rick Smith jumped into writing the soundtrack for Danny Boyle’s new film. I was hoping that I might get to do some of the recording and mixing but instead Rick asked me if I’d play some bass and guitar on a few pieces. He’d tried out a couple of session players but found their work a bit too polished and, although he’s an excellent keyboard player, Rick felt that his own guitar playing was too restricted. He wanted something in the middle and that certainly suited my playing ability – also, I’d know how to get the kind of sounds that he was after; aggressive and punky but tight and hypnotic, as befits any music with an Underworld label on it. I’ve only seen the trailer so far but, from what I can tell, it’s looking and sounding great!

Clip of “Bring It To Me”:

Audio MP3


Here’s the official Trance trailer.