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The Farm – “All Together Now”

The Farm – “All Together Now”

I mixed “All Together Now” over a weekend in the autumn of 1990. It was my first hit single and, in fact, one of my first mixes! I was still an in-house engineer/assistant at Mayfair Studios in Primrose Hill, London. I got called in to work over the weekend because the band’s regular engineer was unavailable and none of the other engineering staff wanted to do the session…. I didn’t even know that I’d be doing the mix. I actually ended up recording overdubs, doing some of the drum and sampler programming AND doing the mix – quite an incredible weekend for such an inexperienced engineer. The song went to No.4 in the UK singles chart and stayed there for a month selling more than 250,000 copies in the process. It has since been re-released twice and remains a regular on radio and TV. I remember hearing it on the radio a few weeks after the mix, smiling and thinking to myself how easy this mixing lark was….. I didn’t realise then what a lucky break I’d had!

Audio clip of “All Together Now”:

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“All Together Now” Video