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Mumiy Troll – “Paradise Ahead”

Mumiy Troll – “Paradise Ahead”

Since mixing half of Mumiy Troll’s double album “8” in 2008 I’ve had an on-going working relationship with Ilya, the band’s singer and writer. His very modern approach to the music business means that I’m regularly getting requests from him to produce, mix, even sing and play on tracks that he uploads to me from wherever he is in the world at that moment! “Paradise Ahead” is a case in point – it’s an English version of one of MT’s older songs and Ilya asked me to “modernise” it and mix, encouraging me to sing the chorus backing vocals and “Russian Choir” in the mid section (all of which was done at Hub II). We’re both really happy with the result and the track was released on a US EP in 2009 accompanied by a brilliantly quirky MT video (see link below).

Audio clip of “Paradise Ahead”:

Audio MP3


“Paradise Ahead” Video

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