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Making ‘Chimera’ with F.O.X

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013
Making ‘Chimera’ with F.O.X

Well, we made it…just…by the skin of our teeth…with scant minutes to spare….

Why was it so tight? We had everything planned quite well to begin with. Well……. Ross (drums) left the band just as we were about to start mixing the album. Then the remaining AVBs decided to continue as a three piece, use programmed drums and re-name themselves F.O.X…! This all happened very quickly indeed. One problem – the album launch gig was booked….in three weeks time! After that the band were going to SXSW in Texas and hopefully doing a tour supporting Swedish band The Deer Tracks…

I’ll be honest, I thought we were stuffed. Replace all the live drums with programmed ones on 12 songs and mix them all in three weeks? In our ‘spare’ time? It seemed impossible. After much rubbing of our collective chins Darren and I decided that, if we split the drum programming between us, and I mixed while he finished overdubs, we might just do it…. and we did by working until 5am every day and starting at 9am the next. By the time the launch gig arrived I think we were all floating.

Here’s a pic from Hub II taken during the mixes with my iPig, Danish, playing the mixes for final approval…….