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Little Boots – “Magical”

Little Boots – “Magical”

Nick Worthington from 679 asked me to work on this track in 2009 which started out as a fairly basic recording in need of some additional production. It was intended to go on the “Illuminations” EP – five tracks designed to introduce Little Boots to America. I knew that I’d have to do something that would match up to the quality of the other tracks on the EP, like “New In Town”, which were already finished and released in the UK. After a weekend in Hub II with my head buried in Logic, programming new parts and sounds, the early summer sun streaming through the blinds, I delivered the mix on Monday morning with bleary eyes! As my track was the last to go on to the EP it came out within a couple of weeks of me finishing – nice to have such a fast turnaround! Sometimes I find myself telling friends what I’m working on and then the finished thing doesn’t appear for ages so it’s great when something gets released quickly.

Audio clip of “Magical”:

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