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Another Level – “Guess I Was A Fool”

Another Level – “Guess I Was A Fool”

Another Level had seven top ten singles and two top ten albums before Jordan and Posh Spice related antics took over. “Guess I Was A Fool” reached UK No.5 in October 1998. The track was produced by Boilerhouse and mixed by me at Metropolis. Bizarrely, we weren’t asked to work on any more AL tracks even though this was a big hit. It amazes me how often this happens and I think it sometimes contributes to an artist’s short career. It happened after my big hit with The Farm (“All Together Now”): I didn’t work with them again, I simply wasn’t asked to, and they disappeared pretty quickly after that. I’m not saying that their success was all down to my mix, of course it wasn’t, but why change a winning formula?

Audio clip of “Guess I Was A Fool”:

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“Guess I Was A Fool” Video